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The faces and smiles of our MFO family speak volumes to ALL that YOU, the corner piece of our puzzle, have done to grow MFO in 2018.

Here are a few highlights that will bring a smile to YOUR face as we get ready for 2019!


Our Scout Troop — Catherin Flon, named after the women who sewed the first Haitian Flag, celebrated their third anniversary!
Every year, our Scouts enjoy activities including: leadership training, an overnight summer camping trip and weekly Saturday meetings.
Our 6th grade class had a perfect graduation rate – with all 26 students moving on to the 7th grade! This Fall we welcomed our newest crop of preschoolers numbering 38 in ALL!
Our Primary School continues to accept local residents without cost – this means families in Hinche don’t need to choose between providing education or food to their children – they can have both!
We have 86 high school students, with 6 expected to graduate to their Final Philo year in June 2019

MFO is a busy place! All of this is happening plus our daily operations are running full steam ahead…three meals a day, laundry washed and dried, shoes on the feet and most importantly making sure all water wells are in working order, latrines are safe, and our clinic is ready to care for our kids AND keep them healthy!

Speaking of Latrines – due to your most gracious giving and support of our emergency appeal, we have completed installing new toilets and a shower area for our Girls Campus! You’ll be pleased to know that we have also received a special grant for security upgrades to ensure our Girls’ well being and provide them with a secure campus.
As we get started on our 2019 adventure we are grateful to have you joining us and can’t wait to share our stories of smiles and hope!

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