Just, Wow!

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Donations, Fundraising, The Latest

Our weekend was filled with celebration at the orphanage, as Ashley Horner, her team and our children celebrated an amazing accomplishment — running 230 miles through Haiti to raise money for our primary school.  The original goal was $28,000, to fund the school for an entire year.  When Ashley hit that goal, she doubled down, and kept running, challenging people around the world with a new goal of $56,000.

We are incredibly happy to report not only did Ashley meet the new goal, SHE BROKE IT.  As of this writing the fundraising page is over $64,000, from more than 1,100 donors!  

Not only did Ashley crush the goal and provide two years of funding for the school, she helped increase awareness about The Maison Fortunè Orphanage and our goal of raising the next generation of leaders for Haiti.  We are beyond thrilled, and so very appreciative of everything Ashley and her team have done for the children.  Of course the mission doesn’t end here – we have more needs, but thanks to Ashley’s efforts, we’re able to focus even more resources to our other challenges.

We’ll close with a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported Ashley and the children of Maison Fortunè through dollars, tears, sweat, sharing the story and sending prayers and warm thoughts. Thank you.

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