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Girls Campus – Power Generation

Thanks to your generosity, the Girls Campus now has power!

The Project:
Girls Campus – Power Generation – Cost $12,000

projects-girls-campus_smlOur girls are facing some difficulties with the electricity on the campus. They can spend up to 2 days with no power. When they have power they use it to run the water pump to get water from their well. When the don’t have power to get water they have to walk to the river for cooking and laundry and to water their garden, for those of who have been to Haiti, or read about it, I don’t need to explain the condition of the river water and the consequences it might have on our girls’ health if they continue to use it.

The girls also need power to study and do their homework at night and to get up early to be ready for school. We are asking all of you once again if you or someone you know would want to help us buy a generator for the girls, please contact Mary….. or Maison Fortuné Foundation in Virginia. In the names of all our girls we are once again counting on your generosity and thanking you in advance for you willingness to help with this worthy cause.

Maison FortunéGirls Campus – Power Generation