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If These Walls Could Talk!

If you have been to Maison Fortune you know that our young boys are housed in three original buildings towards the back of our campus.  These buildings each can accommodate 18 children in bunks with lockers for their personal items.  These three buildings also provide many “firsts” for the boys who find themselves in our care.   They provide a bed to call their own, a leak proof roof, and a place to fall asleep with a full belly.

If these walls could talk, they would also tell stories.  Stories of our first 30 boys who took up residence in 2004 when the campus was first purchased.  Stories of watching little boys play, pray and begin to grow into young men.  They have watched chess tournaments won (and lost) and have been witness to many soccer games!  They also provide light by which to study for an upcoming exam, and place to keep a few belongings safe and sound so everyone has something to call their own.

To this day these three buildings continue their service to our campus.  Providing shelter, watching our boys grow and allowing them to sleep safely away from the street.

But they are also showing their wear.  They need our HELP!! They need YOU! 

Over the years standing up to winds, floods, and hurricanes the ground around the buildings has started to wash away and the walls have started to crumble at the foundation.  With the help of a local engineer we have determined that one of the best ways to sure up the walls and allow the building to keep our boys safe will be to fill in the area around each building with a concrete pad.  This solution is multipurpose.  In addition to reinforcing the buildings foundations it will cut down on the dust and the mites that live in the dirt – currently the main playground area for playing and studying … this is our chance to change that.    Laying down concrete will give our boys higher ground on which to play their games and be better for their health.  This enhancement to save these original three buildings while allowing for alternate safer playing spaces is estimated to cost $30,000.

We appreciate your consideration to make a specific donation to this important project and keep our buildings telling stories of the boys they house and keep safe for years to come. Please give to the needs of MFO today!

Maison FortunéIf These Walls Could Talk!