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My Life And What MFO Means To Me — A Letter From Blanc Probus

I am Blanc Probus.  I am in 9th grade at Saint Andre High School.  To let you know more about me I was born in a poor family.  By the grace of God, I got a chance to enter an Orphanage which is called MFO – Maison Fortune Orphanage. The Founder’s name is Lefort Jean Louis and he helps a lot of people in Haiti

The orphanage has two campuses and the girls and the boys help the leaders manage us.  Jean Louis is the main leader, and he allows us to sit out for movies during our vacation .He also won’t let us play soccer during the exam time – the entire time we must study.  Jean Louis encourages us to focus on school to be successful in school for life.

MFO helps us with many things like food, school, bed, shoes and clothes.  For me MFO is one of the best places in Haiti where children can have hope for a successful future. When you are sick and you feel like you have no energy just come visit us at MFO – we will fill you up with energy!

Jean Louis is proud of us and he endeavors to do his best in every way.  He shows us how to share the love.  With all my heart I love MFO and I ask God to protect us from every evil, to bless the staff of MFO, our sponsors, and to keep MFO alive! Thank you for spending your time to read my little story and the story of Maison Fortune Orphanage.

Maison FortunéMy Life And What MFO Means To Me — A Letter From Blanc Probus