Convert to Clean Gas Cooking — $10,000

On the campus of Maison Fortuné, the day starts, as most do, with breakfast, then there is a mid-day meal served to all the school children, followed then by dinner.  Gas-cooking-Picture2Our cooking staff works non-stop on weekdays and on the weekends the boys cook together for themselves.  As with all kitchens – it’s an area to congregate, share stories and hang out… but unlike your kitchen, our cooking flames are fueled by charcoal.  Each WEEK we procure 150 lbs of charcoal to keep our fires hot while the rice is cooked.  In Haiti charcoal makes up more than 60% of the consumed energy but it doesn’t have to.

The cost of charcoal to the island has been devastating – deforestation, especially in the high mountains, has serious consequences: it causes soil erosion, which affects hydrological cycles and threatens the quality and availability of drinking water. It also causes longer periods of intense drought like Haiti experienced this past winter and has even been linked to rising levels of malaria incidence. Another effect is the destruction of the habitat of species endemic to the country and, more dangerously, makes Haiti vulnerable to natural disasters.  According to the New York Times, Over 98% of Haiti’s lands are deforested and illegal charcoal is now flowing across the border from the DR where long ago their government banned the production of charcoal to protect its forests.

Gas-cooking-Picture3At Maison Fortuné we are striving to raise the future leaders of Haiti – many of them will find work in agriculture.  This means it is also our job, to make sure jobs in agriculture will exist in the future. For this reason and to begin to reverse the effects described above Maison Fortuné has decided to take the steps towards Clean Gas cooking.

The cost to not do so is far more than the $10,000 price tag it will take to make it happen.  We have researched the type of stoves needed and with your help we can make our clean cooking dreams a reality by the end of 2016.  Maison Fortuné will set the example for others and work to ensure the future of Haiti’s lands in the process.

Gas-cooking-Picture4THE NEED

We are seeking 10 people to give $1000 each to reach our goal but any amount you choose to give towards our clean gas cooking appeal will be appreciated.


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