Alert! Gang’s Grip Hold Spreads in Haiti

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How much more devastation can Haitians withstand? The effects of the gripping gang control in Port Au Prince are now spreading everywhere in Haiti…even to the town of Hinche. Food shortages, scarcity, and astronomically high prices for gas and staple food stock are out of reach for the average Haitian.

Protesters across Haiti took to the streets on Monday, unified and calling for change. The national protests are on hiatus this weekend but will resume on Monday. Schools and businesses will remain closed. The children of Maison Fortuné Orphanage are remaining on campus for their safety. Jean Louis, founder of Maison Fortuné Orphanage described scenes of peaceful demonstrations; yet there was an undercurrent of “bad elements” in the crowds – looters and opportunists. He said, “it is scary.” The little pop-up roadside shops seen all around Haiti are the primary victims. These bad elements have been seen with long sticks and ropes, whipping at these shop keepers – and then stealing their stock. The photo to the right is from Hinche – only a few blocks from the orphanage, protestors set fire to the police hut.

The cost of food throughout Haiti has doubled – and stores simply do not have items on their shelves. Gas prices have climbed from $2 per liter to $25-$50 -if you can even find it! Maison Fortuné Orphanage purchases bulk food at the beginning of every month at the cost of $6,500. We are projecting costs over $13,000 for the same items, but staff must travel further to obtain them. Jean Louis will hire a driver and medium-sized truck to go to Cap-Haitien next Wednesday or Thursday to buy bulk foods. The cost for the truck services will likely be over $2,000 due to the gas shortages.

The children need your help now! Please donate and help us offset the $15,000 costs for getting food to the children this month. We hope this is only a temporary problem. These are dire and uncertain times for Haiti. Your help is most appreciated!

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