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Corporate Support

We have a number of opportunities for corporate sponsorship and support for Maison Fortuné Orphanage.  Support ranges from charitable financial donations, to in-kind professional services, to on-site support and funding a special project.  We also encourage businesses and employee teams/departments to sponsor a child, and devote financial resources and time to help one of our children experience success, all the way through higher education.

In this example, employee groups become the “village” that helps raise one of our children, and we have found the involvement is profoundly meaningful for all involved.

Corporate support can be a great way to engage employees in morale-building activities, and providing for children is a cause that virtually everyone can support.  If you are interested in finding a charity or organization to align with your company, please contact us to discuss our needs, our opportunities and the potential support from your business.

Our Children Need You

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