IMG_8356According to the 2016 USAID fact sheet on Haitian Education, an average 25 year old in Haiti has received less than five years of formal schooling.  Despite the Haitian government prioritizing free and universal education in 2011, enrollments remain low and school fees are still out of reach for most low income families.

At Maison Fortuné we strive to change this statistic and we are starting within the Hinche community.  This upcoming school year, like the eight years before, our primary school will open its doors not only to our 100 primary school aged residents but will also enroll over 150 community children at no cost, allowing them to live at home with their families while receiving an education that would otherwise be out of reach.   Our primary school annual budget is $30K, or $120 annually per child. This includes teachers’ salaries, books and school supplies.

High School Support

Maison Fortuné then also goes one step further working with local High Schools and enrolling our teen-aged residents, preparing them as Haiti’s future leaders.  In school year 2017/18 we will have 82 eligible high school residents and will cover their costs to attend one of five local high schools, at the average cost of $250 each for the year.

In a culture where emphasis is placed on education and schooling we consider it a privilege to provide the access to education for so many.  We believe that together Haiti’s youth will be the change agents the country has been seeking!

We welcome your support toward our education costs.

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