Happy Birthday 2 You Jean Louis

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In honor of Jean Louis’ vision which started 21 years ago – to help the children of Haiti through education and a safe place to live and grow, we are asking for an honorary donation. Jean Louis will be turning 55! We are hoping to raise $4,290 – the funds spent this year for school start-up costs. Please consider a gift of $55 today to honor Jean Louis’ 55th birthday AND to impact our students at Maison Fortuné Orphanage.

Every year we must plan for back-to-school start-up costs, including textbooks, school supplies, uniforms and shoes. Our current orphanage enrollment is 177 boys and girls – that’s 177 new shoes and uniforms!

“Pappy Lele” – as he is affectionately referred to by our resident girls, has endeared himself to the entire Hinche, Haiti community. He is a father, mentor, and community leader. After embarking on two separate Ambassador trips to the earthquake ravaged “Big South” last month, I learned of Jean Louis’ annual goodwill within the local Hinche community at Christmas time. He knows the community very well – and knows those who are struggling due to poverty, sickness and even mental health issues. In the weeks leading to Christmas, Jean Louis takes it upon himself to share basic necessities with those in Hinche who are struggling. He embodies the true spirit of the season (more on this in a later e-newsletter) and love for his fellow man. While his impact has been the greatest on the youth in his community, he himself is no stranger to the perils of life in Haiti. As the son of a destitute farmer, Jean Louis was able to change his path because of education.

Please consider a $55 donation today in honor of Jean Louis!

Thank you for your continued support in helping us raise the future leaders of Haiti! Please make your gift today!

Happy 55th Birthday Jean Louis! You are an inspiration to us all!

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