Kollette Hillard

Kollette Hillard is a member of the Church of St. Therese. She first visited Maison-Fortune Orphanage in 2001. Since that time, she has sponsored a Haiti Awareness Club at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy that focuses on Haitian history, current events, and raising money for the orphanage. Kollette took a group of NSA high school students to the orphanage in 2013.

Kollette is an Upper School English teacher at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy where she serves as Dean of the Senior Class. She is active in international education programs and is the Academic Coordinator for International students at NSA. Kollette has served on the MFoF Higher Education Board since 2013 and recently (2015) joined the MFoF Board. Kollette’s husband, Pat, and their two adult daughters have all visited the orphanage and support her efforts on the board. Kollette has lived in the Suffolk area for 30 years.

Maison FortunéKollette Hillard