Special Projects

In addition to our regular funding needs to support meals, education, housing, social programs and the general care of the children, we have special projects for which we need funding.  If you are interested in fully funding one of our special project needs, or in earmarking a donation toward one or more of these projects, please contact us for more information.

Current Projects

  • Surround Yourself With Good People-Good Happens!

    When you start out with a vision of doing good things and you surround yourself with good people- GOOD HAPPENS!

    When I came back to my home country with the vision ...

  • New Roof, New Year!

    Our roof-raising project was completed in time for our New Year’s Day Celebration and Party on January 1, 2017! We could not have achieved this milestone without your support. We ...

  • Girls Campus – Power Generation Thanks to your generosity, the Girls Campus now has power! The Project: Girls Campus – Power Generation – Cost $12,000 Overview Our girls are facing some difficulties with the electricity ...
  • Campus-Wide Painting

    Thanks to all our great supporters, the campus painting project has been completed and it looks fantastic!

    The Project:
    Campus Wide Painting – cost $16,000

    Our building are in need of ...

  • Truck Project – Completed When a new truck was needed to help with the many transportation tasks, you made it possible by your generosity. Here are a few pictures of the truck and the ...

A Little About Haiti

It’s hard to fully appreciate the level of need in Haiti without actually visiting.  These stats often help people understand the challenges faced by growing children, and why our mission to raise the next generation of Haiti leaders is so critical.

Haiti in Brief:

  • Poorest and Least Developed Country in the Western Hemisphere
  • 80% of Population of 8 Million is illiterate (cannot read)
  • Languages – 80% Creole and 20% French
  • 2/3 of People Unemployed
  • Water & Electricity Shortages Common
  • Tree Shortage due to Erosion & Using Wood as Coal
  • Children Suffer From: Malnutrition, Neglect & Poor Hygiene
  • 1 in 4 Children Die before Age of 5
  • Of Those Who Survive, Most Cannot Afford School
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