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One of the most important ways to help us is to tell others the story about Lefort Jean Louis and the children at Maison Fortuné Orphanage.  We are developing pockets of financial support all over the country because someone started telling the Orphanage story in that area.

The Story

Lefort Jean-Louis started the orphanage not long after he returned to Haiti.  He was a fortunate man, who obtained a degree from Virginia Tech and vowed to help the children of his homeland.  The orphanage had humble beginnings. Jean-Louis took four children into his own home.  He quickly filled a need for helping small children with no place to go. Sometimes the children slept two or three to a bed, in a room with a leaky roof and barely one meal per day.  And it was so much better than life on the streets or even with their own families in some cases.

The_Orphanage-EducationIn time, Jean-Louis was able to rent space in two small buildings, which was needed as he found new children were literally dropped at his doorstep on a weekly basis.  In 2002 churches in Virginia learned of the orphanage and the needs, and helped form a non-profit foundation to fulfill the growing needs.

That resulted in purchasing land, building a school, and later taking in 100 additional children after the devastating earthquake in 2010.  Today, the orphanage is an economic engine for the local economy, employing 50 staff as teachers, custodians, caregivers and administrators.  The craftsmen of the area are  hired to make repairs and improvements, and the children are taught not only scholastic topics, but also that they are the future leaders of Haiti and have a responsibility to learn, grow and help others.

The story is dynamic and resonates with people because of the impact it is making on the residents and the number of volunteers involved.  Isn’t that a story worth telling to others?  And it costs you nothing to do so!

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